In India, a lot of controversies are attached to the self-styled godmen, widely known as BABA. The word BABA is a holy word and is meant to be used for a noble person who is above worldly things and god fearing. But, in modern times, the term BABA has become synonymous with notorious. Not all, but many BABAs are controversial. 

To name a few, Bapu Asaram, Gurmeet Ram Rahim, Nityanand, Ramlal, Nirmal Baba, and so on, the list is endless. A song shared here is titled  ‘JE KIDRE MAIN BABA HUNDA’ (Punjabi) which translates in Hindi as ‘अगर मैं बाबा होता’ and in English as ‘IF I WERE A BABA’. This song paints a real picture of one of the tainted BABA, the infamous, Gurmeet Ram Rahim and his lavish lifestyle.  Somehow, the song is a reflection of the dark side of these controversial and notorious BABAs. 

Although, the song is a little older, mentioning of Baba Ramdev as Business BABA, makes the song more relevant to the present situation. Enjoy this naughty and fun filled song.

Gurpreet – Man fears from dog

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