A plant known as ‘Dancing Ladies’ (Globba andersonii) thought to be extinct for 135 years located in Sikkim Himalayas.

A plant known as Dancing Ladies (Globba andersonii) thought to be extinct for 135 years has been located in Sikkim Himalayas near the Teesta river valley. Globba andersonii, commonly known as  ‘dancing ladies’ or ‘swan flowers’ was last seen during 1875. The plant generally grows in a dense colony on bare rocky slopes in the outskirts of evergreen forests. It is especially prevalent near small waterfalls along the roadside leading to these hill forests which are 400-800 m above the sea level. Micro-propagation, tissue culture and multiplication of this species and its re-introduction in the natural habitat could be helpful for it to survive and thrive in the future. News of the recovery of ‘dancing ladies’ is indeed a good one and amusing.

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